Platinum Ergo Straight Stairlift

Ergo Straight Stairlift


Speed: Max 0.12m/s
Drive Type: Rack and Pinion
Motor Wattage: 350 W – Drive Motor’s
Weight Capacity: 140kg
Batteries: 2 x 12v Batteries
Operation: Arm mounted Ergo Joystick/Toggle Switch or Infrared or Radio remote call and sends.
Staircase Incline: up to 62°

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Why choose Platinum

Discover the simplicity and functionality of the Platinum Horizon Stairlift, the ultimate mobility solution for straight staircases. This feature-packed stairlift offers a seamless blend of comfort, safety, and style, transforming your home into an easily accessible space for everyone.

The Platinum Ergo Straight Stairlift is engineered with a slimline aluminium rail that tastefully fits into any home environment without taking up much space. Its compact design, when folded up, allows other members of the household to use the stairs unimpeded.

The stairlift features a comfortable, ergonomically-designed seat with adjustable height settings to suit individual needs. Choose from our variety of premium fabrics and colours to match your home’s interior—additionally, the seat swivels at the top of the staircase for easy and safe dismounting.

The Platinum Ergo Straight Stairlift prioritizes safety. Equipped with advanced safety sensors, it immediately halts if an obstruction is detected. Furthermore, the easy-to-use, user-friendly controls and secure seat belt make every ride a safe and enjoyable experience.

This stairlift is powered by a quiet and efficient DC motor, ensuring a smooth and steady ride every time. The built-in backup battery system guarantees operation even during a power outage, providing you with peace of mind.

Customisation is key with the Platinum Ergo Straight Stairlift. The rail can be configured to park the lift at the top or bottom of the stairs or even around the corner, thus not obstructing walkways.

Revolutionise your home mobility with the Platinum Ergo Straight Stairlift. This high-quality, reliable, and safe stairlift offers you the freedom to move around your home with ease and comfort.

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