Wheel Chair Lifts

Incline Platform Lift

Incline platform Lifts offer wheelchair and pedestrian users easy access up and down a flight of stairs. The lifts can be installed on narrow, winding, curved and straights stairs. They can be fitted over several storeys if required. All models available have safety features, so offer smooth and safe travel for all users. Most models are suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation.

Inclined Platform lifts are very easy to operate and are extremely user friendly. To ride the lift you would simply need to tell the lift to move up or down using the control unit. During the ride the speed is regulated and with gentle start and stop features there will be no sudden jolts or bumps.

When not in use the lift can be folded away when in the park position as not to obstruct the stairs for other users.

Most incline platform lifts come with a simple radio remote control unit which you can use to call the lift up or down.

Short Rise Platform Lift

Allows wheelchair and pedestrian users easy access where a change of level exists or there is a small flight of stairs upto three metres. They are the simplest solution to negotiate small to medium height differances. As a special type of verticle platform lift, these lifts need no lift shaft structure.

Platform lifts are designed to be used inside or outside, they can be used to bridge the entrance area of your home, or to travel a whole story in a public building.

These lifts can be quickly installed and can be mounted in practically any existing setting. They are easy and safe to operate with simple controls, safety bar and a half height door.

Through Floor Lifts

Regain the freedom of your home by travelling between floors smoothly, quietly and safely in a wheelchair through floor lift.

Through floor lifts, enable you to move from one floor to another within your home. There are versions available that carry a seated or standing user but most are designed for wheelchair users. They enable wheelchair users to travel between floors while still in their wheelchair.

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