Handimove Wall Hoist

The Handimove wall hoist is suitable where space is confined and it is not practical to use a ceiling or mobile hoist. It can be fixed to either a wall or if the wall is not strong enough it can be fitted to a post between the floor and ceiling. With an adjustable arm the Handimove wall hoist has an arc lifting range between 900 to 1300 mm, when not in use the arm van be folded flat giving more free space.

The Handimove wall lift gives the flexibility for one caregiver to transfer a person with limited mobility from the wheelchair into the bed, the bath, the toilet and hot tubs.

Handimove Wall Hoist

Handimove Wall Hoist Features

  • Economical

  • Easy installation

  • Operates from the AC mains

  • Safe Working Load of 145kg

  • Built-in safety mechanism

  • Mobile

  • Can be used with a sling, seat sling or the Handimove body support system.

  • Compact

Handimove Wall Hoist

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