Handimove Portable Hoist

The Handimove portable motor is an easy to use and economical, you can use the portable motor on different sections of track around your home cutting out the need to have one continuous section of track and making major modifications to your home. The light and compact (7kg) motor can be easily detached and moved from room to room for easy transfer of the patient. It can be used with a SureHandsĀ® Body Support or Handi-Move Slings.

The small portable motor effortlessly lifts up to 182 kg. The long-life rechargeable batteries are powerful and provide great user independence. A separate charger will charge the batteries using any standard socket.

Also available is the Handimove motor + Tarzen, it is a modified version allowing lifting between 2 adjoining rooms. The motor loops to the next section of track in the adjoining room whilst the user is still in the harness or sling.

Handimove Portable Motor

Handimove Portable Motor

  • Light and compact (7 kg)

  • Motor can be hooked or unhooked with the aid of a reacher.

  • Economical: the same motor can be used with different rail sections

  • Attractive, does not have to remain hanging, easy to move

  • Easy to hook in place or unhook from floor level

  • Can be used with a body support or slings

  • Option: transport trolley for portable motor

  • Can lift up to 182kg

  • Rechargable

  • Supplied with an emergency down feature

Handimove Portable Motor (Hoist)

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