Handimove Mobile 1640 Hoist

The Handimove 1640 mobile hoist provides a versatile solution with the assitance of a caregiver.

It is suitable for commercial and residential settings and has an extended lifting range which handles transfers from the floor to a high bed with ease.

The Handimove 1640 Mobile Hoist

Handimove 1640 Mobile Hoist Features.

  • Accommodates both Handi-slings and Body Support

  • Emergency down feature

  • Ergonomic handle bar provides smooth ¬≠steering making it easy to maneuver

  • Width adjustable base for easy positioning. Low profile chassis with easy-to-roll castors for clearance under low objects

  • Extended vertical lifting range for lifting from the floor onto a high bed and for assisting with standing and ambulation where ¬≠indicated

Handimove 1640 Mobile Hoist

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