Handimove Ceiling Track 2600 Hoist

The new 2800 ceiling hoist has been designed to fit discreetly into any caring environment or domestic setting. It is an extremely well built machine which uses high quality components designed to prolong the life span of the hoist far beyond most competitors products.

When used in conjunction with the new Handi-Move Body Support System, which features newly shaped cups and thigh supports for increased comfort, the user can self-hoist independently around their home reducing and sometimes even removing the need for carers.

The Platinum Ultimate Stairlift

Independent living made easy with the Handi-Move 2800 ceiling hoist:

  • Independent ‘self hoisting’ transfer possible with body support

  • Emergency down and emergency stop can be enabled by the user

  • Optional infra-red controls available

  • Quickest ceiling hoist on the market

  • Adjustable traversing speed

  • Can be used with loop slings

  • Back up lifting and traverse controls on the motor in case of handset failure

Four versions of the ceiling hoist are available:

  • Handi-Move 2800 – Lifting Motor Up/Down

  • Handi-Move 2805 IR – Lifting Motor Up/Down with Infra-red Controls

  • Handi-Move 2810 L – Lifting Motor Up/Down and Lateral Motor Left/Right

  • Handi-Move 2815 IR – Lifting Motor Up/Down and Lateral Motor Left/Right with Infra-red Controls

Handimove Ceiling Tack Hoist (2600)

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