Handimove Body Support System

The Body Support System is a stainless steel device that automatically grips the users upper body by using the weight of the persons legs in the patented thigh supports. It is a safe, hygienic and easy to clean method of transferring independently or with assistance.

The body support lifts people quickly, safely and easily. It also eliminates the need to constantly launder and replace slings bringing a long term cost benefit despite the comparatively high initial cost. When used in conjunction with the 2800 ceiling hoist with lateral motor, the body support can help people with a limited range of motion and sufficient muscle tone to transfer independently.

Handi-Move does not only offer the pool lift, but also a celing motor can be used as a pool lift. Ideal for intensive use and in pools where floor sockets cannot be installed. You are prefectly safe in the Handi-Move Body Support®.

Horseback riding is a very popular therapy for many people. Getting on and off the horse is now very easy with the Handi-Move body support and celing track system.

The patented thigh support fix supports a sustainted good and comfortable position in the body support. Under the pressure of the thighs of the user the self-locking feature holds the leg supports in its current position, once the tension is gone, it can easily be moved to another position. The lenght of the leg support bands are adjustable to your size and the markings allow you to easily verify that both leg support bands have the same set lenght.

Handimove Body Support System

You are in good hands

  • Lifts quickly, safely and easily

  • Can be used independently or with an attendant

  • You can use a ceiling motor with a SureHands® body support to move between your bed and your wheelchair. You decide when you get up or go to sleep!

  • A SureHands® Body Support is helpful for toileting independently because the fully unencumbered bottom and back region allows for easy access to clothing.

  • The SureHands® Body Support is made from stainless steel and is rust resistant. It does not have any components that absorb moisture so it can be wiped dry and is easy to clean and disinfect. This makes it perfect for use in bathing and swimming.

  • Leaves the back and seat entirely free - ideal for toilet use

  • Also for swimming, hippotherapy and walking

  • Comfortable and ergonomical sitting position

  • The patented thigh support fix for extra comfort

Handimove Body Support Harness

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