Flow Curved Staircase Stairlift

Features of the Flow stairlift include:

  • Choice of three, simple to use arm mounted Joysticks
  • Optional Ergonomic rocker switch
  • Wall mounted call and send controls deliver the Flow stairlift to you.
  • The comfort and added security of wrap around arms.
  • Effortlessly folds away in one easy step.
  • Four rail colours to choose from.
  • Wipe clean upholstery available in a choice of colours in both vinyl and fabric.
  • Charge points at the top and the bottom of the track to park and charge your stairlift, additionally you can also have an intermediate charge point to park the stairlift in an alternative position on the track.
  • Safety ridges around the carriage so the stairlift automatically stops if it meets and obstruction.
  • Uniquely designed retractable safety belt to secure you in the stairlift when in travel.
  • Four rail options available to over come all obstacles.

The Flow stairlift fits in perfectly with the décor in your home and stands compact and ready to use, the unique versatility of the Flow stairlift helps you get on and off the chair. The Flow stairlift rides on a single rail system on either side of your staircase, this rail has been specially designed to stay very close to the edge of your staircase to maximise free space. This design make the Flow stairlift perfect for curved staircases with tight bends or spiral staircases. To maximize floor space at the top and bottom ofyour staircase, the Flow rail can be extended to park the lift around the corner.

Where staircase width is a challenge, the ‘Advanced Ride Monitoring System’ of the powered swivel feature turns the chair and footrest to travel past the narrowest staircase sections. This is an exclusive feature of Flow and ensures that Flow is flexible on staircases as narrow as 61cm.

The Flow Stairlift

Flow - Stairlift for a Curved Staircase

Vinyl Upholstery

Stairlift Vinyl Upholstery

Rail Color Finishes

Stairlift Rail Colours

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